Winter Storms at Teignmouth

Teignmouth is a great place when the winter storms roll in. The front is unsheltered, it faces the full force of the easterly winds and the sea is impressive, especially at high tide where it pounds the promenade and raises spray 30, 40 and more feet into the air. You can walk right up to it with a fair degree of safety too. The promenade is designed to deflect these large breakers back into the sea and you can stand right next to them, only a few feet away in safety, keeping pretty dry.

The sea bed drop off is pretty shallow which means the breakers start a good way out and rough up the surface pretty badly right out to the end of the pier, as you can see from this shot.  And would you believe there are surfers out there. They’re right behind that first big foreground wave. They caught a few waves too.

Oddicombe Beach Dog Day, April 2015

Oddicombe Beach, April and the last month of the year that dogs are allowed on the beach until October is celebrated with Dog Day, a morning of competitions, demonstrations, tea and general mayhem. I was there to photograph the proceedings for Oakwood Gundogs who were there giving training demonstrations and dispensing advice and prizes. Here are a few shots from the day.

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